I don’t know how I’ve managed to remain sane thru this 3 year process.

My latest roommate has dementia. Is on oxygen all day. And continues asking for help all day and night.                  

When the aide comes  in, frustrated at being called again she asks, what do you need help with?

I am not sure, he says. Let me remember.

It takes five hours for him to decide to eat each meal.

The aides need to fight to take the old tray of food away as next meal arrives.

He room fills with fruit flies.

He’s a navy vet. A mechanic on aircraft carrier.

The guy who gave signal to pilots about whether to land or not. Split second life and death stuff.

Go figure the vageries of fate.

Not a bad guy. Just hard of hearing, demented, Copd, ocd, hoarder, etc. He’ll be moved from this room soon. I hope today.

Night in the Home

You might notice all the lights are on. If you hear a low rumble it’s my roommate’s oxygen machine.

He’s also having trouble figuring out how to turn the TV off…

A navy vet from aircraft carrier. But confused and needing someone to help navigate the system.

Am trying to do that.

Got this card today.

Well it took 4 hours to get someone to look at my right foot.

The boot was on too tight. It was cutting off circulation and pressed the heel against the back of the boot.

There’s a red mark where the strap was pressed but that will leave…

I told the aide who originally wouldn’t remove the boot that she could have done that two hours ago and saved me a lot of pain.

No reaction on her part.

I said, did you hear me?

I heard you sir.

Then nod. Say yes.


She looked at me for the first time. A who does he think he is look.

So you don’t want to see the nurse?

No. Two hours Ago would have been good!

And around 3 am I fell asleep.

At free four something taps my knee.

Do do want to be changed?

And right after, comes in. Looks at the left heel and says its fine.

The right foot is also fine.

It’s now 6 am. Two hours of sleep

Someone will come in with a single blood thinner pill any moment.

Then breakfast. Do you know where your parents are?

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