corona 1x

so as i said previously, we have at least one case of coronavirus here at the assisted living world where the average age is about 80. and there are two residents in their hundreds. there is nothing funny about it anymore. a week ago it didn't seem real to many of the workers here and … Continue reading corona 1x

My Life

This week is infusion week. 5 days of IVIG.The box of medicine was supposed to come on Friday, usually delivered to my room. I have been searching around for it for a while. Was it in the lobby? Did someone sign for it?This morning I woke up and decided to go down to the "wellness" … Continue reading My Life

All Four

Yes, All 4 feet Eadweard Muybridge1878 And that's how photography and the moving picture began. This shot doesn't have the same importance, but just to show how easy it is today. Muybridge and a bunch of guys wuz arguin' 'bout wetter the horsies legs wuz all in the air at da same time. So he … Continue reading All Four