Who sits at the table adjacent to mine (to my right) fell and broke her hip. Not to be selfish but she was (is) one of my favorite people (residents) here. For one thing, she is quick witted. I know that might not hold much water here as most of the people weren’t quick witted in their youth, and it certainly doesn’t develop with age.

But she has a swift repartee which is subtle and can be acute at the same time. So we hit it off. Then she missed two meals; and then the rumor went around that she was in the hospital. (No reason given so those who care about her were left to guess what had sent her, whether it was a return of the disease that brought her here; or something else.

Then at PT, one of the supervisors came by and whispered that she was in the hospital. Which I said I knew. And I asked what happened. He said she had fallen and broken her hip .

I said it was common among older women, and said osteoporosis to which the PT girl nodded and we talked about how she had missed two meals and was tired a few days ago.

I would like to call her and wish her a fast recovery, but I know it won’t be fast, and she’ll let me know that she knows with some choice sarcastic phrase.

In the meantime, I’ve taken to sitting in her spot at her table. I sit next to a 95 year old woman who used to run a brokerage firm (I’ll make up a name for her later) who can’t hear very well and is almost blind. I have the job of telling her that a hamburger is at 12:00 on the plate, the vegetables are at 3:00 and so on.

If I yell in her left ear. she can hear me. She has all her marbles and enough for the rest of us.

Nan has a good friend that she used to wave at, who sat at my old table . He waited two full days before noticing that Nan was not in her seat and finally turned to me with gauzy sad eyes and asked, do you know where Nan is?

I told him.

He then rested his head on his hand, closed his eyes, and slept while waiting for the next course.

3 thoughts on “Nan

  1. Getting older is certainly no picnic. Sorry to hear the feisty gal is down for a while. Hope she mends faster than expected.


  2. I’m curious to know how Mother’s Day was celebrated at the Big House. It was bittersweet for some, painful for others as I recall working at ACLF. Years go by and no visits from family/riends if there is any left alive. Old anger memories surface , lots of tears and lots of avoidant behavior. Hope you got to see a little happiness yesterday with some of the ladies. Peace, Gloria


  3. All well described. Everyone walked around saying, Happy Mothers Day. But just about everyone’s Mother was dead, usually long dead. But the old ladies mostly had family, kids and grandkids, and some of them showed up to visit their elderly moms.

    So the dining room was pretty empty for dinner. Mostly men without women.


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