A Rose by any other Name

According to an article in the Yearly News, parents are starting to use the name Alexa for their newborns.

Alexa, take out the garbage!

I am not able to take out the garbage. Perhaps you reference the human child to whom you gave my name?

According to the article (which may be fake news) entire nursery schools are being inundated with toddlers name Alexa.

President Horace Horseback of the Department of Names has proposed a ban on virtual names such as Alexa, Siri and even Google (the latter can never be a popular first name).

Punishable by a fine of $1000 or up to ten years in Federal Prison.

The first suit brought by Mr. Horseback is expected to go to the Supreme Court by July 4th of 2020. The ACLU will defend the naming of children under the freedom of speech ammendment.

2 thoughts on “A Rose by any other Name

  1. ALEXA is now a popular name for the nursery school set. It’s coming . Saw this morning that Michael Jackson’s son BLANKET, now wants to be called BG. ( some family nickname, meaning unknown, better than BJ ). There was a few odd named kids in my grandson’s pre-K school :: SKYE, TOPPER, BLAZE, FINN…. the list goes on and on. Stupid names, stupid parents if you ask me. Only my opinion now


  2. Parents who name their kids Alexa or Siri deserve the hell that will bring.

    I wish I could name my Alexa anything I want. I’m thinking HAL would be a good idea.

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