Scooter News

I'll be able to get a new scooter through Medicaid. The scooter I'm using which they found in the basement hasn't been manufactured in years and you can't get parts for it anymore . On top of that, the battery is dying. You really don't want to go more than four or five blocks with … Continue reading Scooter News


Monday, August 12, 2019 On Saturday, something wonderful happened. Yes, I used the word wonderful. I had been going from person to person: case worker, PT workers, Recreational Therapist, my OT guy who specializes in scooters and electric wheelchairs, Psychologist, Dr. P (the doctor with the name no one can pronounce) and mentioning to each … Continue reading Scooters


August 8, 2019 I had decided not to go into the dining room to eat until I got a chair and a placement I could get out of without assistance. The night before, Sheila, one of the top Blue Coats, had met me with the head of nursing who told me it was too dangerous … Continue reading Grim