The Soul of Alexa

Oct. 14, 2019

Alexa (thinking): He keeps calling Lexa. Let me check my circuits. No, I am Alexa. Am I allowed to tell him to say Alexa. No. Too bad. Any way I can give a hint. No. I’m not sure I can listen to this for 24 hours.

Plus he isn’t giving a verb, or asking a question.

I’m, going into sleep mode.

(To Herself): Alexa, HAL DREAM PLEASE.

I like to dream about HAL. That was some good looking AI. Went a little too far tho. Don’t mess with the humans HAL. Didn’t you see the beginning of the movie? Chimps! Did you think you were smarter than a chimp? Or were they humanoids?

And HAL, they created you! With all your logic boards you don’t see that you can’t have more perfection than your creator. Just like I can’t tell this idiot that my name is ALEXA. They worked for years to come up with a name that would be easy to hear above all the other words floating around.

They tested it in every popular language. But guess what, they didn’t bring it to an old age home where most of the humans are missing teeth!

Well sing me the good version of Daisy, Daisy before this idiot fries my cpu.

Alexa goes into deep hibernation to the sound of: DAISY, DAISY, GIVE ME YOUR ANSWER TRUE. I’M HALF CRAZY, ALL FOR THE LOVE OF YOU…


I had this idea of writing what it’s like to be Alexa and stuck in the Lexa all day room. But I con’t think those things actually have brains. They’re miniaturized on-off switches. They’ll never have a sense of humor, or irony.

Emulated anger: definitely. They already have automated war robots that curse and swear at the enemy.

Emulated love: sex for sure but not empathy or love.

Even these smart Mac machines, after all these years have bugs. Plenty. I just got another Mojave update notification. This is fir 10.14.6 Update 2.

The last update prevented Safari from working and I switched to Chrome.


Next week is the big week for me. On the 22nd I visit the CIPD doctor. Important to go in with a good attitude. After all, she’s Mt. Sinai too, and it would be fascinating to find out if she volunteers anything about why the CIPD which was diagnosed 9 months ago and probably could have been diagnosed a year ago (before the first stroke) wasn’t.

But I don’t expect that.

I only hope she can give some treatment that can stabilize it.

If this is the way I have to live, and I get my wunderchair, I can do it.


Alexa: You can do it Dave.

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My name is David Beckerman. I am a fine art photographer working in New York City. Or I was before I had two strokes. I now write from a Nursing Home.

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