So What's Next

More medical stuff. I've already explained in previous posts what I've got and what I'm going to be treated for. This is now confirmed. I am going to get 5 infusions of IG (immunoglobulin) in a row, once per month, starting this Monday, here at the Castle, by an outside company. In conjunction with that, … Continue reading So What's Next

Dec 11 2019

Music, comedy and good literature plus a natural curiosity about stuff around and inside me. That was how I answered the neuro psychologist that visited me every day in the hospital. She wanted to know how I seemed to be coping with all the crap that had happened to my health while still keeping in … Continue reading Dec 11 2019

What I Got

Steve R. asks what exactly was the diagnosis, what does IVIG mean and a few other things that I should clear up if I haven't already. The diagnosis was that it was a combination of Multi-focal Motor Neuropathy with some CDIP (chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy)¬†thrown in for good measure. Not being a doctor or even … Continue reading What I Got