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blog diary

Have u ever noticed

as you get older, that it’s the little things that occupy you the most?

When we were young, it was the vietnam war, give peace a chance and why can’t we all live together? And now I’m upset because somebody in the castle (where I make a tolerable impression of living) stole my walking cane? And it took a lot of Holmesian effort to find it.

Oh, it’s not what youre thinking, thatI misplaced it, or forgot where it is because I’m old.

No I found that there were several kleptomaniacs here that went after canes and umbrellas. I don’t use the cane to walk, since I’m mostly wheelchair bound at present, but I just told security and they went right to the old woman’s room, and looking at the garbage cylinder blooming with canes. I immediately picked out mine.

As it turns out, she was the same little olde lady that pretended to come into my room by mistake. And that I would be so nice as to help her find her room.

Turns out she steals canes and sells them on the corner.

The thing is, she dresses in a black dress, with a frilly apron, and a maid’s hat. Got to be nearing 95 yo.

My name was still on the stick with tape and paper from when I was in the hospital.

I asked her why she didn’t take the names off?

Well, she stretched the word, rolling it around in her toothless mouth.

Well she says, it didn’t occur to me, and besides, I figured if anyone needed it, it would be easier to dentify.