dec 7 2019

jeez. now i'm supposed to write. so much happened in the last 5 weeks. ever been in a hospital for 5 weeks or longer? on the one hand they try to save you with the smartest doctors, best technology, et. al. On te other hand they try to kill you by causing sleep deprivation and … Continue reading dec 7 2019


6:56 am If all goes well, I should be admitted to Neurology at Sinai this morning for more diagnostic tests. At least, for the first time in 8 months I'm under the care of a specialist in neuro muscular diseases.

On Oct. 22

Oct 19, 2019 Haven't been writing much in the diary, waiting for my apt. with CIPD doc (the disease that has gone untreated for almost 20 months) and which this doc is supposed to be a specialist in. Of course, I've gotten a lot of advice about there's no sense in worrying about it now; … Continue reading On Oct. 22

Strip Therapy

And then I thought about the infusion yesterday. I was getting ready to scoot up to 102nd street where they have things called infusion towers (don't even ask, they aren't towers) and I scoot in and have trouble tranfering from the scooter chair (it was freezing and though nobody came when I was trying to … Continue reading Strip Therapy


I've mentioned the guy (turns out he's upstairs and I hear him through the kitchen vent) who calls Alexa every morning for several hours in the house of dementia. I was going to write a song for him, to the tune of Let It Be, and nothing scanned right, but I had the first line: … Continue reading Lexa