Day 4.

Now that I’m in assisted living I obviously have a lot to say. So far the main thing I hear from everyone is that you have to “push” yourself. Don’t just sit in you room and do your own thing, at least not to excess.

Why Act V – because that’s the average Shakespearean drama (isn’t it).

I’d say the average age of the residents (that’s what we are called) is about 75 years old. So I’ve been pushing myself to make friends and hang out with the cool crowd. Yes, it reminds me of high school.

At 67, I’m one of the youngest hep cats here.

I ask everyone I meet, how long did it take you to get used to living here, and the answers range from 6 months to a year.

What was the hardest thing to get used to?

The lack of privacy. You can’t really lock your door. I’m not saying the place exactly has bed checks but if there is a schedule of visits I haven’t figured it out.

Whoever it is, they knock first. They don’t barge in. But it’s disconcerting. Most of the people I’ve met here are or were very independent types: artists, artistes, teachers etc. In general a good group of folks.

The staff is especially friendly.

I’m not posting many photos, not yet. I’m still working from the house wi-fi which is slow. I’ll post links to this blog on Facebook but remember, I’m no longer trying to sell anything. In fact, I believe I’m taking down the store tomorrow.

Yes, there’s an underground economy but I’m not up to that right now. I don’t even know where my mailbox key is yet, and I am going to hire a bankruptcy lawyer soon to get the credit cards guys off my back.

In short – I think it’ll all work out but it’s not an overnight process.

Medicaid Alert

So now that I’m on Medicaid and hopefully going to Assisted Living, I am not allowed to make any money. Please don’t write with suggestions unless you have gone thru the same situation.

Every expert has given me the same answer. If you make extra money, that changes your Spend Down amount (increases it) and that extra money goes to the state.

That goes for teaching, or selling prints.

When I get to assisted living at L. then I will receive some monthly pocket money.

My sister is going to furnish me with ikea furniture, which she’ll pay for. I have one week’s notice when it comes time to move to L.

  • My neighbor was kind enough to give me his old i-mac, 3 gb of ram. But I’ll have all four Western Digital drives hooked to it. And who knows, maybe I’ll get enough money to get a current model.

And that’s the story for now. I opened the first photo store in 1999. Now I’ll build a portfolio and another blog in 2019. I’m not looking for sympathy but it’s a hard day.

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