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so as i said previously, we have at least one case of coronavirus here at the assisted living world where the average age is about 80.

and there are two residents in their hundreds.

there is nothing funny about it anymore.

a week ago it didn’t seem real to many of the workers here and otherwhere.

yes. nyc. epicenter to the world.

you have not broad shelters. and remember a week ago. seems like years ago.

i’m waiting for a take out lunch from upstairs. they serve from a rolling trolley now.

they are in full garb. come in one, two, three, drop it on my table and run out like she saw a boil on my arm. boils were common with the bubonic plague.

hospital patient

corona pays a visit

so we had the first case of Corona here at the assisted living place. that absolutely figures sinc people were still eating at the dining room, maybe 4 per table… and idiots who were old (over 80) were still going out to shop or just walk.

i told them it wasn’t a good idea. and two weeks ago i told management it wasn’t a good idea to allow gatherings.

most thought i was over reacting.

the cleaning lady still thinks when your number is called it’s called. she tends to still think this is all much to do about nothing.

the blue coats who were mostly laughing about this two weeks ago are now wearing masks, gloves, and some are wearing those yellow plastic sheets.

now everyone is in a panic.

i tried to explain that the tests they’re doing in the area are two weeks behind. the idea of an invisible virus wasn’t taken seriously because it couldn’t be seen.

some bluecoats thought it was a virus created by the government. that was as far as they’re thinking went two weeks ago.

some thought the president would do a great job, and if he was calling it a hoax, he must know something we don’t.

i don’t have it now. but two days ago i twisted my leg falling (slowly) in the bathroom. my left leg buckles every few months. so i was at Mt, Sinai in the emergency room. i’m just putting this down because i was in the belly of the beast at Sinai for nearly 7 hours.

staff was cleaning themselves before and after contact with a patient.

i had a mask on. but how good these simple masks are for preventing you from getting the virus – who knows.

they will stop you from spreading the virus if you already have it.

you need a certain type of mask, i think it’s N95 or something like that to stop the virus from coming through the mask.

half the doctors / nurses had clear plastic shields over their faces.

but when the shift ends, the average nurse takes off their protective garb (the garbage can was two feet from me) and toss it into the garbage.

now they are unprotected, and they hang out for a few minutes saying goodbye. if you could spray something in the air, or use a special light that made the virus visible – people everywhere would act differently.

so for now i’m not in bad shape. if i get it, it will probably be 7 – 10 days from this entry.

i’ve contacted me PCP and gotten a prescription filled for 6 weeks of my various medicines. the pharmacy is not taking walk-ins but still doing deliveries.

what else? i have to facetime with my PCP under some law. i am doing this on a mac, and have never used Facetime. and my phone is an android. i need instructions from sinai about what app to use.

that’s all for now. stay well.

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