corona march 16

so this is what it has come down to at the assisted living place: you ain’t supposed to go out unless it’s super important.

in fact, i expect this place to go into a panic when the first case hits. it is probably here already.

half the blue shirts are fatalistic about it: if you get it you get it; no point in wearing a mask.

a few are wearing masks.

a patient in the elevator washed her finger after pressing the floor button.

the PT had a mask on and was washing her hands between each patient.

and a lot of bluecoats are calling in sick.

I think this was in my college (one of them) yearbooks. I doubt the image is mine, looks like it’s from the 40’s.

corona target zero

just a matter of time before this place gets corona. target zero. assisted living. and this isn’t even a nursing home where people share rooms.

yes. they are scrubbing down everything and there are people wearing masks. but the front door opens and deliveries arrive thru fedex and ups. And the receptionist touches everything, and then touches patients.

you get trapped in elevators where someone has dementia and sneezes on everyone. so from everything i can see, everyone should have a mask since we don’t have any idea who is infected and who isn’t.

well today is day 4 of my infusions (IG). my nurse moves around the city, doesn’t wear a mask, doesn’t wash her hands when she comes in but she may have used sanitizer on them and goes around the city visiting the people who get home infusions.

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